Jaipur – a magical city

Its been after so long I am writing a blog on travel escapades, after all, you have to work really hard to earn enough to accommodate your expensive hobbies. I recently visited Jaipur on a 3 day long weekend trip. It is a city that brings so much history on the table. If historical monuments and old cities fascinates you, it must be on your travel list.

I visited the city with a bunch of my ex- colleagues. Being a foodie, the first stop for me was Chokhi Dhani, place I have heard from every tourist who had returned from the trip to this city. This is the place where you get to experience royalty at budget, I mean those camels, elephant and bullock cart rides. the place had a rustic charm to it. The heat in the city is going to test your patience, so it is better if you can visit the place during winters. I was not smart enough, but being a delhite, I am used to heat waves. We went to eat there the traditional famous Rajesthani thali, and they give you turbans to adorn your head and make you seat on floor before serving you feed.The ambiance was welcoming and warm. the burning lamps on the wall gave the place a very palatial old world background.

The next place which you have to visit is the landmark of the city – the hawa mahal. logically it should have been the first stop as it is close to the highway, but perhaps, our priorities were different. The name of the palace literally means the windy palace, as it has thousands of windows on its walls. it was built by Maharaja sawai Pratap singh in 1799. it is beautifully carved in red and pink sandstone and is quite well maintained. It is a perfect place to get Insta-worthy pictures with hills in the background and blue skies adorned with clouds.

Hawa Mahal

the next stop was Amer fort, which you must have seen in historical indian period dramas, in case if you follow Bollywood. It is difficult to walk in extreme heat, so I would suggest, if you can start early to avoid crowds and the quenching sun. The fort is beautiful, the walls are adorned with hand paintings and craft of the time. The sheesh mahal had a lot of colored glass antiquities put together in a form of large collage.

not a very good shot

The evening was spent wandering around on the streets which are breathtakingly gorgeous and painstakingly crowded. It takes you another time zone. The city has definitely developed a lot infrastructure wise and roads are smooth but you can not take away the culture and grandeur out of this city which has been built by the Mewar kingdom and there are stories of valor and grandeur. We went to Nahargarh fort to see the sunset. Well I cannot describe the experience. It was good, but I have seen the sunset in Udai Palace in Udaipur, so my reference point is too high.

one of the cafes we visted…

The one thing I will recommend is too visit the forts in night as well as they are very well lit up and gives a different experience. I am not a fan of street food but you have to try it in jaipur – spicy and crisp. Try the tea, lassi and stuff. we went for hot air ballooning early morning, how worried I was of my safety but yeah some adventure is required to go back to those bland walls of my office. The city is amazing provided you plan it well. Dont plan it too the extent micromanaging. Visit some good lounges and cafe like Tatto cafe in front of Hawa Mahal and around city palace. End the trip roaming around on the streets doing some shopping. There is something for everyone.

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